How I Found Cheaper Car Insurance Rates (22)

My husband and I were looking over our bills one night. Our insurance bill was going to be due soon and when I looked at it, I noticed the price seemed to have increased on it. I showed it to my husband that said it did increase. I told him we needed to get cheaper car insurance rates and he agreed. The next day I started looking for quotes from different insurance companies (a friend showed me how to get a cheap car insurance online). Here is how I found cheaper car insurance rates.

First I looked for local insurance companies. I called them to see what they would quote me. Before I called, I made sure I had all my information from the insurance company before. I got quotes from about 5 different places and they were all around the same amount.

Next, I went online and decided to look at some car insurance companies I saw a commercial for. I went to their websites and got quotes from them. Then I remembered a friend telling me that she got cheaper insurance by going to a website that compares rates. She said it was easy to look at rates from different companies there. I started looking for comparison websites so I could get quotes and not have to go to a bunch of different websites. I was able to find a car insurance company offering rates that were cheaper than what I was paying and cheaper than other insurance companies too.

I immediately got signed up for insurance through their company and canceled the other insurance I had previously. I still had to pay a certain prorated amount to both insurance companies, but it would save us money in the long run. I’m glad I was able to find a cheaper car insurance company online.